Less spreadsheet, more value-add.
A comprehensive platform that connects all the systems and people required to transact on whole loans.
Our platform becomes your portfolio management system, connecting your bid tapes to your trades, your best ex models and your reporting.
Communicate with your sellers or buyers directly in real-time, while sharing information in a common format.  Chat, post an Axe, request a Shadow bid, or seek Counterparty approval - it's all here.
Connect to your pricing tools, LOS or service providers, with data updated immediately.
Your data and transactions are protected by state-of-the-art technology in a highly encrypted environment.  100% of data is encrypted at rest and in-transit.  With built-in geo-redundancy, we enable full data recovery and protection.
Our infrastructure supports millions of loans with hundreds of data elements.   Our server infrastructure utilizes premium hardward with high availability and horizontal redundancy.  
We support you through chat, phone and e-mail.   Our trading support desk is staffed by professionals who know loan trading.   We don't take positions, but we'll support yours.
Our agile software development process enables us to maintain a high quality product while frequently releasing content to our customers.  We will continually improve the platform, and can create custom screens to meet your needs.