What is Resitrader?
A simple, intuitive trading and operations platform for residential, whole loan mortgages.
We believe the time has come for technology-enabled whole loan mortgage trading.   Mini-bulk, specified pools, CRA and other loans priced either individually or in pools are ideal for Resitrader.  Our platform is simple, straight-forward and intuitive - if you are a secondary marketing professional, you will find yourself nodding as you navigate through the platform. And we're growing a large community of trading partners to join you because we know it's all about liquidity.
  • We make it easy to find buyers or sellers, notify them of pools you wish to trade, maximize best ex at the loan level and settle transactions easily.
  • Buyers view a single bid tape across all market participants, with all data normalized and in common formats.
  • Search for inventory and save the query, and it will notify you whenever loans matching your criteria are loaded.  
  • Manage your current approved counterparties, and increase liquidity by adding additional trading partners.
  • Create an end-of-day/week/month report showing your bids and offers out, and trade settlements in-progress.
We didn't change anything, we just made it easier.

"It's time to bring all of this to an electronic platform. CRA, spec pools, fully transparent loan pricing - it's the natural next step."
Bill Dallas, CEO, Skyline Financial